GRP rooflights - profiles

GRP profiled rooflights are available in hundreds of different profiles to match all current and most discontinued metal and asbestos cement roofing/cladding profiles. The sheets are laid to over- or under-lap roofing profiles to provide in-plane rooflights - typically in factory or warehouse roofs.

Profiled sheets fall into two broad categories:

Sinusoidal & Trapezoidal GRP rooflights profiles

• Sinusoidal profiled sheets - these have curved or 'wavy' profiles. Sinusoidal profile sheets are generally used in agricultural or utility buildings.

• Trapezoidal profiled sheets - these have angular profiles. Trapezoidal profile sheets are commonly used on industrial and commercial buildings.

GRP sheet is typically used for 'in-plane' rooflights that follow the line of the roof. However, out-of-plane GRP rooflight designs are also available.

Detailed information can be found here in our specification guide.

A wide range of GRP rooflight installations can be seen in our gallery.

Detailed information can be found here in our specification guide.