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Sep 12, 2018

Two further RIBA approved CPD documents from NARM

RIBA has approved a further two NARM Technical Documents for CPD use, as part of the RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology - Knowledge level: Microlearning

NARM NTD11: ‘Understanding the differences between ‘non-fragile’ rooflights and ‘walk-on’rooflights for deliberate foot traffic’, gives detailed definitions of these two distinct categories of rooflight to enable clear understanding and avoid specification errors.

NARM NTD12: ‘An introduction to natural daylight design in domestic properties’, provides practical guidance for designers and specifiers, with sections covering energy efficiency; daylight control and sun screening; how light can affect designs; and other topics.

Both documents can be accessed on the RIBA CPD website:

These documents can also be downloaded free of charge from this website:

NARM will continue to publish further material for submission to RIBA, with content and subject matter reflecting the breadth of NARM's membership, covering all rooflight types.

Feb 12, 2019

2018 was a busy and intensive year for NARM, responding to and driving change in various technical and legislative changes in our industry – and 2019 looks set to be equally, if not more challenging, with a raft of new initiatives and standards on the horizon.

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