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Jul 5, 2018

Shedding light on daylighting: information sharing 
is a key role for NARM

As the trade association representing the UK’s rooflight industry, NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, plays a number of roles in support of its mission to engender best practice in rooflighting across all sectors.

Much of the hard work carried out by NARM happens behind the scenes at the association’s quarterly general meetings and numerous committee meetings. In a typical year there are between ten and twenty NARM meetings, many focusing on specific issues like regulatory changes or technical specification and supporting documents.

A key function of the association is to support the needs of member companies. NARM provides a forum for members to be informed and contribute to regulatory changes and share information that improves industry best practice. As NARM is member of the NFRC, Eurolux, CPA & ACR, the collective voice is far reaching & stronger than any individual company.

However,  a large proportion of NARM’s income from membership subscriptions is invested in external communications with specifiers, contractors and installers. This activity is of benefit to the whole construction industry and the wider public: by sharing valuable, objective information that raises building performance standards and improves safety for construction workers and building occupants.

The vast bank of knowledge on daylighting that has been researched, refined and developed by NARM, is available freely through the association’s comprehensive website. This currently draws more than 2,000 page views each month, with visitors accessing technical documents, case studies, a rooflight gallery and other relevant and up-to-date information.

NARM’s membership comprises most of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality rooflights and as such, each provides excellent technical support and information to customers. So where does NARM see it’s role in respect of information sharing?

NARM’s Marketing Chairman, Ian Weakford, explains: “The NARM website and on-line technical library is characterised by two factors: professional objectivity and the provision of generic information which in many cases, crosses boundaries between rooflight materials and technologies.”

He continued: “This means that for many specifiers, the NARM website provides a valuable source of information which may support early design and specification decisions and supplier choice. As an example of this, the NARM website is the only source that we are aware of that provides detailed comparisons between all the different rooflight glazing materials currently available to UK customers.”

The quality and depth of technical information available also makes it a reference tool for the rooflight manufacturers themselves, often drawing on knowledge amassed by various companies. This openness is indicative of NARM’s commitment to support the industry as a whole.

With the website as a permanent and constantly evolving central point in NARM’s external communications strategy, the association also actively engages with construction professionals through social media, digital and video marketing via YouTube, advertising and public relations.

For example, NARM has maintained a long-running multi-channel campaign drawing attention to the positive effects that rooflights can play in improving the energy efficiency of buildings and achieving compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations. These facts are now much more widely understood thanks – to a great extent – to NARM’s campaigning work, supported by its members.

Guidelines and recommendations in the field of roof safety have also been widely supported and communicated by NARM via the website and digital marketing channels – helping to save lives.

As a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, NARM has published an on-line RIBA accredited CPD seminar entitled ‘An introduction to daylighting with rooflights’, as well as further CPD documents, all of which can be accessed at:

NARM is also a supplier member of NFRC, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. This working relationship affords a further means by which NARM is able to communicate with roofing contractor audiences.

To stay up to date with the latest from the UK’s rooflight industry, follow NARM on Twitter  @_NARMUK or connect with theassociation on LinkedIn:

For full access to the NARM Technical Library, Gallery and Case Sudies, visit:

NARM’s YouTube page with content including NARM’s RIBA accredited on-line CPD Seminar can be accessed at:

Oct 2, 2018

As recently as the turn of the millenium, there was still a prevailing perception amongst architectural specifiers and other interested parties, that rooflights had a negative effect on the energy efficiency of buildings. This view was borne out of the fact that even the best insulating rooflights of the time generally offered lower thermal performance than surrounding roof areas.

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