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Feb 6, 2018

NARM celebrates 20 years of service to the UK 
construction industry

NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2018. NARM is an active trade association representing UK rooflight suppliers and associated businesses. The Association is dedicated to the application of best practice in the provision of natural light in built environments.

This year NARM will be continuing to focus on its mission, with a program of activities to celebrate and build on twenty years of service to the construction industry.

Support for specifiers

Providing objective and up-to-date information for rooflight specifiers has always been at the core of NARM’s activities. This year, the Association plans to enhance its information services, with:
• New and updated technical information documents 
NARM’s NTD documents form a freely available library drawing on research and technical expertise with input from some of the UK’s leading experts in rooflighting design and application. Look out for new publication announcements throughout 2108.

• Website updates 

This year NARM will be carrying out a series of enhancements to our website, designed to make specifier information easier to source and download.
• New RIBA CPD materials

Following on from success of NARM’s on-line RIBA approved CPD seminar, this year specifiers can book presentations at their own premises, to be carried out by NARM member company personnel. In addition to this NARM will also be publishing further RIBA approved CPD materials.

Support for contractors & installers

Through its work with the NFRC, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, NARM aims to make installation and roof safety advice and support more readily available to those who need it. The Association will be building on knowledge gained from its recent survey of roofing contractors in this respect.

Support for rooflght manufacturers
NARM members enjoy the benefit of better understanding of industry issues and competitors, as well as early access to technical and legislative information pertaining to rooflights. The authortative endorsement of the UK’s only rooflighting trade associaton is another signficant advantage to member companies. If you are interested in your company becoming a NARM member, please contact NARM via the website.