Free and impartial advice

The NARM website and publications provide extensive free and impartial advice regarding all aspects of rooflights and the benefits of daylight. NARM officers and members are happy to expand on this advice where appropriate. The NARM Technical Committee is staffed by volunteers and as such, support and advice is offered freely.

NARM is not able to carry out visits to sites or specific projects. NARM does not carry out surveys, produce project specific written reports or conduct forensic investigations in the event of disputes or problems. Such work should be carried out by independent specialist roofing consultants, and NARM is able to recommend such consultants where required.

NARM members all comply with the Rules of the Association and abide by the NARM Code of Conduct, including ensuring that all Rooflight products are fully compliant with all relevant UK and European Standards and UK Building Legislation, and that all performance claims are verifiable. In the unlikely event that a complaint should be made to NARM with evidence that a member’s products or claims do not comply with the NARM Code of Conduct, NARM will carry out an internal investigation and take appropriate action to resolve the situation.