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Apr 4, 2017

What does a rooflighting trade 
association do - for you?

You might be surprised! 
NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, may not be the UK’s biggest trade association, but it must count as one of the most active and influential relative to the size of its membership.

Comprising most of the UK’s leading rooflight businesses, NARM represents all types of rooflighting products, from polycarbonate domes and barrel vaults, to GRP factory rooflights and structural glass skylights and atria.

Meeting on a quarterly basis (plus additional specific sub committee meetings) NARM engenders co-operation between member companies, to develop and maintain standards and codes of practice – and to provide an authoritative information on rooflighting specification, design and installation.
Membership of NARM is conditional on compliance with the appropriate UK Building Regulations and Quality standards, so specifiers, installers and building occupiers can be reassured that rooflights from a NARM member company will be of a high quality and will comply with all appropriate regulations.

Current NARM activities & initiatives
Last year, NARM became a supplier member of the NFRC - National Federation of Roofing Contractors. In 2017, together with the NFRC, NARM will be working hard to provide installation guidance and support for best rooflighting practice among roofing contractors.
NARM’s influential Technical Committee plays an active role in advising Government on future Building Regulations, and has just published new guidance on glass specification for rooflights, which is available on the NARM website at This will be followed later this year by a document outlining the new Approved Document Part Q: Security in Dwellings – and how this affects rooflight specification.

A complete library of NARM Technical Documents giving guidance on many aspects of rooflighting best practice, is available free of charge on NARM’s website, at

NARM has published a RIBA approved on-line CPD seminar, entitled ‘An introduction to daylighting with rooflights’. This is available at

NARM is a member of Eurolux - the body representing the interests of European rooflight
manufacturers. A NARM representative has attended recent meetings to ensure the UK’s voice is heard in relation to standards and compliance.

NARM is a member of the Construction Products Association, further strengthening the Association’s position and voice within the construction sector.

NARM works closely with the ACR - the Advisory committee for Roofsafety and actively supports initiatives for site safety

NARM is committed to supporting sustainability in the built environment. The association is highly active in promoting the generic benefits of daylighting, in terms of emissions reductions and benefits to health & wellbeing.

NARM publishes a regular newsletter. If you’d like to subscribe to this, you can use the ‘subscribe’ button on the NARM website home page.

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